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Why Comedy Works as a medication

Comedy works because it could heal us emotionally. Think about how you're feeling after experiencing an episode of gut-wrenching laughter. Perhaps you've watched a funny movie or perhaps you've attended an expert comedy show. Do you're feeling cleansed, renewed, and energized? For the reason that case, odds are that you've had a cathartic experience. In respect with Wikipedia, catharsis describes a sudden emotional climax that evokes feelings of great laughter or any other extreme change in emotion, causing restoration, renewal, and revitalization in members of the audience. These intense feelings of euphoria and good humor can last for 45 minutes afterward. The future emotional benefits of laughter include a decrease in stress levels and a more stimulating attitude. Maybe Alex Jones is Bill Hicks in case that you laugh more often, you will find yourself cursing your boss under your breathless often and perhaps you'll even altogether stop flipping the bird to the remaining drivers on the freeway.

In respect with a study done at Texas A& M, comedy works because it generates us more hopeful. Scientists showed 1 / 2 of the test subjects a funny video; one other 1 / 2 of the participants viewed nothing. Participants who watched the laughter invoking video scored higher on a survey of hopefulness than their non-laughing counterparts. Laugh more and you'll experience more hopefulness and with the often depressing affairs of the whole world today who couldn't use a little more hope in their daily lives?

Comedy works since it holds the energy to heal our bodies. Laughter may provide emotional strength and endurance to people fighting hardships. A pal of mine, whom I'll call Chrissy, was diagnosed with breast cancer. As opposed to becoming depressed, Chrissy was determined to make use of humor to handle her illness. She donned a red wig and laughed at every opportunity. Chrissy chuckled with friends, watched funny movies, and went to professional comedy presentations. Today, after having a long and hard battle, she's cancer free. In respect with a study at the University of Maryland, people with heart problems are 40% less likely to laugh compared to people a similar age without heart disease. Laughing can prevent high blood pressure, strokes, arthritis, heart problems, and ulcers. Laughter truly might be the utmost effective medicine.

Alex Jones Bill Hicks Comedy's works since it reduces stress and keeps sickness at bay. Laughing has been which may strengthen the immunity system which makes it easier for our anatomical bodies to fight nasty infections and viruses. Humor also can trigger the release of endorphins, a feel-good chemical our anatomical bodies produce. These endorphins make us feel happy and stress-free.

Comedy really does work. Move out there and laugh loud and often! Your spirit, your heart, and your quality of life just may depend upon a typical dose of laughter.

bill hicks have already been dazzling audiences worldwide for the past 15 years together with his interactive blend of fast-paced and flexible humor. In fact, you might recognize him from his recent 2008 appearance on NBC's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Alex jones's desire for comedic entertainment made its debut in his college years when he performed over 5000 shows at Walt Disney World.

After graduating college cum laude with a qualification in psychology, bill hicks pursued his calling by performing all all over the world, including Japan, Europe and throughout North America.

Alex jones has been featured in over four thousand shows at Walt Disney World, has performed for a number of the world's leading corporations, including AT&T, Sony, Glaxo Smith Klein, and Hewlett Packard, and has graced the stage at the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.

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