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'The Walking Dead' Season 2, Episode 3 Spoilers And Sneak Peek

Enstarz published on January. 14 that a group member could perhaps die on season 3, episode 10 of "The Walking Flat." Spoilers have been circulating the Internet that the episode may also show Andrea the Governor's true objectives.

He doesn't tell them The Governor has desired Michonne's one's life. He decides to open up to Hershel, letting him know what The Governor has suggested. Hershel, speechless, is confident what health.

TVLine shared that Rick will undertake it that all of us have wanted to finish at one particular. This leads each kinds of speculation. Could he kill someone in his group? Is he going to abandon Carl and baby Judith? Will he have more hallucinations and go permanently crazy? Will he kill baby Judith to "save" her from the world of the dead?

One thing he did say that fans will discover is any kind of Rick Grimes. He said that, for the first time since the show began, Rick should cease being the leader of the audience. He said it will turned into a different turn for our hero because focuses on his and also leaves the leadership duties to a different inividual.

While he did not answer that question, he did say that Rick and the group are settling into a cycle. Robert Kirkman also commented generally there will turn into resolution for this storyline as well as that's it would set up things nicely for season 4.

Kirkman also said there are a new, dangerous threat - constructed a "force of nature" that is not defeated. Fans can also expect The Governor to send back at a thing in season four
spoiling dead as well.

Viewers also know from "The Walking Dead" spoilers for season 3, episode 9 that Daryl Dixon is seen running along with woods. He is doing not appear be chasing anyone, however it really seemed he was running from one. Could he be running from his brother, Merle?

What you think of "The Walking Dead" spoilers for season 3, episode 11 that Lauren Cohan shared? Are you excited for the show to get back to AMC on Feb. 40?

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