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How to Make Movies in Nollywood

You have a brain wave and have conceived a story which you believe when turned into a movie will be a blockbuster and send fame and fortune your way. However, you're unsure of how to set the ball in motion.
There are three stages in making a movie. The pre-production, production, and Post Production stages.
1) The story: 
The story line serves as the beginning stage in the journey to making a motion picture. You have to solicit yourself some from these inquiries: 
What kind of story would i like to tell? 
Who are my intended interest group, would they say they are kids, adolescents, young people, men and ladies, or the gang? 
What message would i like to go crosswise over to them (topic)? 
Why would i like to recount the story? 
What sort of motion pictures will it be grouped under? 
Do i need individuals from different nations to effectively relate with it by giving it a cross bid subject? 
Will it be a unique work (your thoughts), adjusted (books) or biopic( life of a man whether in any condition)? 
Note: If it's an adjusted work you must get consent from the creator, pay the fundamental expenses (after arrangement of transaction and consenting to of arrangements) to guarantee you get the film rights and suspend other producers from utilizing it. On the off chance that it's a biopic you need to direct broad examination on the genuine biography of the individual, get consent from him/her to shoot the motion picture (if alive), and were he/she is dead you have to get authorization from the bequests/survivors to film the story. Whichever way despite everything you're going to part with great money. 
Keep in mind that the achievement of each motion picture lies in the way that you must recount the story right. 
2) Transfer the story from your mental information base on to paper. You can write down the story as it comes to you. 
You may have the story yet not know how to form it into a script. So you get a script author who most in many cases than not composes the screen play for the motion picture also. The script essayist creates different characters and scenes to recount the story, while the screenwriter ( a professional)converts the script into a working script through which the motion picture can be shot. The Screen Writers Guild of Nigeria is the certify proficient body directing screen essayists in Nollywood. 
Since you have the best possible script in your grasp, you require a maker (one who raises the cash for the generation of the film). Certify makers have a place with the Association of Movie Producers. The normal demonstration would be to approach a maker with your script, discuss it, and abandon it for him to experience, and sit tight for the supernatural occurrence call. I generally guidance youthful scriptwriters or those with great stories created into scripts never to do such, in light of the fact that the greater part of time such wonder calls never come. They rather decay to tackle such scripts yet later utilize these rejected scripts (changed form) to create motion pictures and after that claim the brilliance and fortune. Obviously there's no confirmation to indict the failing maker, so what do you do? One of my articles titled "what youngsters must know before submitting motion picture scripts" addresses the subject. Visit i love Nollywood for more attractive things.
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