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Events - The Show For Bangladesh

In this short article we're going to review one of many greatest concerts in the real history of modern music, the Concert For Bangladesh.

The Concert For Bangladesh was held on August 1, 1971, at Madison Square Garden in the maximum city on the planet, New York. To the youth of that time period it was merely another concert. But as history goes, it could very well go down as one of many greatest events in mankind's.

The brains behind the concert was ex Beatle, George Harrison, who'd become very much into causes following the group split up. In this instance, the cause was the people of Bangladesh, who have been literally starving to death. The concert was put on in the hopes of bringing some hope to a dying region of the world.

Bangladesh had a troubled history. The events prior to this concert are as follows.  Mon Putuler Golpo

In 1969 General Yahya Khan assumed power in Pakistan. His goal was to put an end to get rid of the dictatorship and begin a democracy. In December of these year the League of Bangladesh won a huge victory. It became the largest party in Pakistan. But Kahn was unwilling to allow an electrical shift to Bangladesh. So the outcomes of the election were ignored and a reign of terror was unleashed in Bangladesh to get rid of the opposition to Kahn. It's estimated that over 1 million individuals were murdered. This was the maximum atrocity since Hitler and the Jews. The people who escaped to India suffered terrible starvation, among other things. Thus, the explanation for the concert.

Everything started with a phone that George Harrison designed to Ringo Starr, another ex Beatle. Then made another call to Leon Russell. Both agreed to come to the East Coast for the concert. After those calls, others were designed to business managers, the Garden itself and everyone and anyone Harrison could consider to be of assistance.

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